Share Your Greatness, Live Your Purpose, Make Your IMPACT!

You feel a stirring inside. You have a vision and you know that you are here to make a lasting positive impact in the world. Where do you start? How do you move from Vision to Impact? Join a group of purpose driven visionaries just like you for our Vision to Impact Retreat. 

This 3 Day Event is Where Breakthroughs Happen! Your time is now so get ready for your rapid expansion and growth when you say YES to you and request an application for this live event. 

Personal- Powerful- Purposeful

Get Ready to: 

  • Align with your true authentic power.
  • Unlock your new message that the world is waiting to hear from YOU.
  • Harness your strength and greatness with grace, confidence and ease.
  • Understand your true human design and code that will make you unstoppable.
  • Design your upgraded brand.
  • Learn how to take on larger stages in all aspects of your life.
  • Leave with your action plan to bring your vision into reality for massive IMPACT

There is a massive shift and upgrade occurring. All leaders are being called to step into their full power and lead.  Do not wait if you hear the call. You will be surrounded by masters at this event. Request Your Application Today.

Getting Started Making Your IMPACT

You have the ability to supercharge your life so you can go out into the world to share your awesome, to shine your light and to make your IMPACT!

If you are ready to stop playing small, to tap into your authentic strength, value and purpose so you can fully own your power and share your passion to make your impact, creating the life you love then NOW is your time to gain the support you deserve. Ready to breakthrough? Click Here to Contact Us for an Application to Find Out about Our IMPACT Coaching Program.

Live Your Purpose – Make Your Impact! Join the Mastermind.

The Impact Mastermind is THE place where success happens for purpose driven visionaries of all types that are ready to scale, grow and THRIVE in creating the business AND life they love. This one of a kind group mastermind program will give you access to true support, accountability and the resources you need to make your IMPACT. You can expect: 8 one on one calls with Dr. Melissa and her team, to help you set your vision and move forward in all aspects from branding, messaging, marketing, sales and impact. Plus enjoy Bi-Weekly check in calls with the group and hotseats for added support as you need them and bi- annual retreats where breakthroughs happen in your business and life! If you are ready to invest in your success, then request an application today. Our 12 month Impact Mastermind is one of the most affordable out there with the highest level of support and success.

This mastermind is a true tribe of visionaries. It is run by a group of master visionary teachers with more than 20 + years of business, sales, marketing, clinical and personal success. We are 7 figure earners, authors, speakers, healers, and entrepreneurs with big hearts and visions bringing you the best in growth strategies and accountability so you can Scale, Grow & THRIVE. If you are ready to take on big stages, share your message, deliver your vision virtually, share your talents while living the life you love and learning from experts that have done it and can help you too- then request your application today.